Monday, September 12, 2005

Bake Sale Update

Thanks for the link to the Devil's Food Cupcake Recipie, Chockylit. I'm excited to give it a try. bbrug, we happily welcome any baked goods you would like to contribute! You can drop them at the Bake Sale pre-sale at 11:30am, or if you'd like you can bring them to my place, and I'll make sure they get there (Scout's Honor). Send me an email if you'd like to come hang out while baking is in progress this weekend.

The Bake Sale will be Sunday, September 18th at PS 9 on St. Marks between Vanderbilt and Underhill. It starts at 12 Noon and goes until the goodies go or until we all crash into a sugar coma. I have word that someone's son is baking doggy treats and all sales from those will go to rescue animals that were stranded by the hurricane. Vegan treats will also be avaliable (possibly the vegan treats and the dog treats are one in the same?).

If you're interested in seeing how this came together, you can check out this thread from the Daily Heights.

In other Prospect Heights news, check out these amazing photos of a car that was torched in my neighborhood last Friday.

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LaHipster said...

Um, does it count is I want to make funfetti cuppies with sprinkles? Because, dude, for as much bitching as I do about not liking cake, I would shove old ladies for funfetti.