Tuesday, June 07, 2005

What's New in the Sidebar

Hello fellow cupcakes, thought I'd take a moment to discuss what is new in the sidebar. You'll find two links to literacy sites that provide books to children in need: The Literacy Site, where everytime you click, books are donated* and First Book that seeks to provide children who live below the poverty-line with their first brand new book. We now have a Blog Web Escape, see that little green sign of the man running to the exit under the Google Search box? Well, if you're reading this blog at work and the boss walks by, click on the escape and you'll be whisked away to some boring site. And in Cupcake news, Baked NYC now has "Cupcake Monday"- on this day all cupcakes sell for just a buck. The catch? This place is in Red Hook. But I'm planning a big excursion soon if there are any cupcake pioneers out there who want to come along to this brave new buttercream icing world.

*I haven't yet had the time to check-out all of the particulars about these charitable sites, please do your own research before you give.


bbrug said...

Mmm, I went to Baked a few months ago. It was very fine, though they had no cupcakes that day for some reason. My companion--the only person I could talk into going! what is wrong with people?--blogged the trip briefly.

Although we've never met, I would be delighted to hike to Red Hook with you. The place closes at 7:00 on Mondays, though; it would be tricky to get there in time from my office. And what if they ran out of cupcakes? How sad would that be?


Cupcake said...

Bbrug, I like the idea of getting together with a complete stranger over cupcakes, but I agree, it may be tough to get there in time for Cupcake Monday. We might have to make it a weekend event; we could bring out knitting like old biddies.

bbrug said...

Well, I am often free on weekends, and I'm equally often up for liberating my inner biddy with a conspicuous display of knitting. Tomorrow (Saturday; today, in fact) is, according to some vague authority, "Knitting in Public Day." Troupes of knitters have made plans to meet in Central Park, on the subway, and elsewhere around town to . . . raise awareness of knitting? I really don't know why they're doing this, but they seem pretty excited about it.

As one who knits almost exclusively in public--I log most of my stitches while on the subway going to and from work--I wasn't planning to observe this holiday in any special way, but if you have time to head down to Baked, let me know. I'll just be doing chores and trying to get an air conditioner tomorrow, otherwise.