Thursday, June 30, 2005

This is How Exciting my Life is.

This morning before I got in the shower I opened up a new package of Gillette disposable razors for women, and there, mixed in with my regular blue Select razors, the good people at Gilette* had included two free Gilette Sensor Excel Razors. Pulling the lovely pink, rubbery razors with pivoting heads out of the bag, I stood in my underwear at 6:30am and said "ooooooooooh". Then I gleefully skipped to the shower, so excited to try it out. It was especially satisfying considering I'd been burned before (pardon the pun) by the unfounded hype around the Shick Intuition. Remember that one? The soap and razor in one? And they played that "New Jewel" song in the commercial, which always made me wonder, what came first, the razor or the song? Anway, the Schick Intuition, much like New Jewel, sucks.

*Please no comments about how Gilette kills bunnies or whatever.


mondomondo said... was the razor? have women officially found a mach3 of our own??

bbrug said...

Hmm. It must be summer: Meg Hourihan recently posted a paean to the Venus razor:

Me, I just tried Nair again for the first time since, probably, high school, as I could no longer remember why I'd given it up. Now I remember: (a) smells vile, (b) doesn't get all the hair, and (c) seems to allow hair to grow back even faster than after shaving. Duh. (I'm sharing this with you for the sake of science.)

Cupcake said...

The only thing that smells worse than Nair (rotten eggs) is fruit scented Nair (Jolly Ranchers and rotten eggs). The Sensor Excel was pretty decent. How effective do you think being struck by lightning is as a hair removal plan?