Thursday, June 30, 2005

Just in Case You're Laboring Under the Impression That I'm Cool

Dude, I want to see Batman Begins. Damn, I love me a good Batman movie.


rachel said...

nancy: see batman begins stat. i don't know how much of a fan you are of christopher nolan flicks, but i like dark, brooding martyr figures, and my newsies-singing, swing kids-dancing, adulterous-loving boyfriend, christian bale, does an awesome job at playing the coolest of the graphic novel characters. beware of one scene that was obviously meant to be serious, but during which i laughed throughout because his voice sounded ridiculous: "do i look like a cop?!" "where?!" "why?!" "when?!" "how?!" he was only missing a "what" to be entered into a 3rd grade english class. but the rest of it totally rules.

Cupcake said...

Anyone who recognizes the sheer brillance of the films Newsies and Swing Kids can give me movie recommendations any day of the week. If I can scrape up ten dollars I will totally check out Batman this weekend. I too love your noir, gotham-esque films. Hello? The Incredibles? Yeah.

Linda said...

Christian Bale is the MAIN reason to see Batman Begins .... so hot! Though I loved Keaton and Clooney as the caped crusader, Bale has gone to the top of the list for me. Michael Cain and Morgan Freeman are awesome as well .... fun summer action movie. Enjoy!!