Thursday, June 09, 2005

Little Darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter.

It is hot in New York, hot. It is sleep on top of your bed in your underwear with the fan on and the door open (sorry roomies) hot. So how am I still in a good mood?

As I stepped out of the subway station today and took the first sip of my iced coffee, some of it spilled onto my naked toes. I got the image of taking a bath in iced coffee. I sucked up a granulated sugar crystal in my straw, then looked at the sticky, glitterly lip gloss, sugar stains on the straw. On the bus, the bus driver was humming a beautiful "Here Comes the Sun" in a continuous loop. There was a lot of traffic and occasionally he would pause to say, "Oh well," all calm like. Finally, he opened the doors and announced that if you changed your mind and wanted to walk across town you could exit. I thought, what the hell? My boss is in Germany and I have two small imperfect donuts in my bag, so I stayed where I was.

Many people exited, the bus driver resumed whistling and I started in on the donuts. Slowly we passed Rock Center with bright lights setting the stage for some dumb music act on the Today Show. My hands were sticky, but sugar sticky, not sweat sticky and I knew I could wash them once I arrived at my office.

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