Thursday, June 09, 2005

Everybody Wants a Piece of the Nance.

Just when you think things can't get any crazier; when I'm already looking for a job for my brother, a job for his girlfriend, an apartment for myself; when my father is calling and e-mailing me several times a day to get me to coach him through dating, when MommyCakes has asked me to duck out of my annual family reunion and spend my two weeks vacation dog-sitting her mutt; and I'm already hoping Princess of Darkness will forget I ever announced "I'll go out with anyone once", a statement she seems to be taking as a personal challenge, just when I've clawed my way back to this side of sanity, I get an email from my gay ex-boyfriend (subject line: hide the knives) in telegram form announcing he's had [another] nervous breakdown and is moving to New York within the month.

Anybody else want to bring the crazy? Sometimes I wonder how far away I'd actually have to move to outrun the crazy. Siberia? Burkina Faso? Iowa?

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t.i. mmm mmm good-y said...

a telegram???????? was it a singing telegram? a hug-a-gram?

i didn't think that people still sent telegrams. stop. where would one go to send one? stop. i think a telegram addiction would be a dangerous thing for mctimmy. stop.