Thursday, June 30, 2005

What Would Be Playing on My iPod if I Had One But I Don't.

Just got the new Ben Folds album, Songs for Silverman and I love it. Check out "Bastard", "Trusted", "Gracie", "Give Judy My Notice", "Landed", "You to Thank". Okay, really they're all great. Which brings us to:

Ben Folds in Concert
With Rufus Wainright and Ben Lee
Thursday August 4
Prospect Park, Brooklyn

I'm going, the beautiful Bizzy is coming up from DC to go, and if you want to come with us, let me know. I'm buying our tickets Friday afternoon, if you want me to get one for you too, let me know before then. Tickets are $35 plus your first born child, or whatever it is that Ticketmaster charges for a "service fee" these days.

PS, I hear he is playing in RI too because my cousin and her husband have tickets but I don't have any further information on that show.


Lexa said...

So glad you are going. I am attending the same show in DC August 3rd. I can give you a report...

PS--do my fairly regular comments to your blog make me a stalker?

Cupcake said...

Here in the Cupcake Mafia, you are not only encouraged to comment constantly, but we also enjoy it when you share embarassing details from your life. Post away!

Lexa said...
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Leah said...

soooooooooo jealous. SO SO SO jealous.

Cupcake said...

Be not jealous of me, yea, for tho' I have the opportunity to see Ben Folds live, and in my 'hood I have not an iPod nor Cable TV. I have not a sofa nor digital camera. I have not a boyfriend, but I do have a lot of pillows in my bed. I get by.