Friday, June 17, 2005

If it sucks, we can sit in the corner and be snarky.

Tomorrow evening we celebrate the birthday of my roommate, The Princess of Darkness. What no one told me is that my other roommate, L'Ingenue, is going to PA to visit her boyfriend, the GentleGiant. I will not know anybody but the Princess at this party which means that I will either need to mingle like a rock star, or convince one of you to come with me.

Reasons why you should come out with us:

1. You wonder about this Princess of Darkness person and how she got her name.

2. You have always wanted to meet a British Puerto Rican Jew and this may be your only chance. Before you get too excited, her "Puerto Rican"ness manifests itself only in her hair, and her "Jewish"ness only in her hypochondria.

3. You've been meaning to check out that whole "Williamsburg Scene".

4. These people are poorly behaved when sober, God knows what hijinks they'll get up to when they're totally soused.

5. There will be boys there [see below for dating: you actually have to try].

So how bout it, SuperSkater, Hooly, LaHipster? You seem the most inclined to come, seeing as how you are of the Brooklyn persuasion. If you want more info, you know how to reach me.


Beth said...

Hey, sorry this is way off topic. Thanks for the guestbook well-wishes! I only discoverd it a couple days ago and it was very sweet. :)

Anonymous said...

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