Friday, June 17, 2005

Can you see me now?

Okay, it can't be put off any longer. Cupcake finally sucked it up and scheduled an eye exam today. I think I need glasses. Not excited about this because in my mind glasses are just one more expense and something else to worry about dropping, breaking, losing, toting, etc... And if it's really true that boys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses ... God help me. Contact Lenses you suggest? Ha. Obviously you have never met me. I am a deluxe spaz. Well, we'll find out next week if I have to cough up the dough at Lens Crafters.

God, this is a fascinating blog.


Leah said...

We are in a much different time that Ms. Parker, for glasses are neat and only cute girls wear them, and you being a cute girl should wear them. But if you do the contacts those are neat as well, just a lot of work.

bbrug said...

I wear wussy glasses over my Extremely Powerful contact lenses to correct for astigmatism. When I'm not trying to read, knit, or sit in front of a computer, I could get by without the glasses, but I don't, because I sincerely believe that I am cuter with my glasses on.* This may happen to you.

I think of them as a fashion accessory, or a beauty aid--like some sort of really big, green plastic mascara.

* At least, to the sorts of boys whose passes I generally enjoy having made at me.

Cupcake said...

Thanks guys. Have you noticed the new public service announcements in the NYC subways encouraging kids to wear their glasses to school everyday?

Maybe I won't need glasses; maybe I'm not really going blind; to borrow a page from the POD, maybe it's a brain tumor.