Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Can you handle some teenage awkwardness?

Okay, so I just did a blog search on "North Kingstown High School", the old Alma Mater, because, well, just because I'm at work and what else am I going to do? Work? Didn't think so. Well, I went to check out this blog called From the Crazy Mind of a Redhead.

Well, what do we have here? Some 16-soon-to-be-17- year-old at NKHS opining that she has never been kissed and is possibly the only 16- year old in Rhode Island suffering this fate and if anyone does try to kiss her she will probably laugh a lot, or stab that person with her nose, which is really big, and just generally be preoccupied that someone will get to see how big her big pores are close up.

And I'm thinking, I'm sorry, was I abducted by aliens and deposited back in time eight years ago where I briefly wrote a blog under the name Kate until I woke up in a cornfield? Is there another Nancy living the same parallel life as me except for the difference that she was born in 1989. [Oh my God, someone was born in 1989?? That's like, the year the Wall came down. Christ no, you can't ask what wall.]

Kate, here's all I can say: North Kingstown High School, red hair, big nose, big pores, never been kissed? You do not walk alone. Although I would never have admitted to it at age 16, since I was too busy preoccuping myself with gender inequality in the school systems, advocating gay rights, trying to decide how I felt about the Electoral College, and foreign cinema, I too worried about the exact same things. Guess what? I had my first kiss at 17. It wasn't that great.

But it gets better.


tommy tom (and the funky bunch) said...

allow me the following observations:

1. gender inequality is wrong. especially in the LPGA. what does a brotha' have to do to get a tour card, anyway?

2. the only two things more misunderstood than the electoral college just might be kevin costner's epic waterworld and the constitution that proscribes it (the electoral college, not waterworld...though maybe there should be an ammendment forever absolving waterworld of future ridicule)

seacrest. out.

benb said...

Mrs Hostess Cupcakes? Have you seen her? The last time I heard, she was out in her cupcake vineyards, tending to her cakes, when she - disappeared. Do you know where Mrs. Hostess cupcakes is?
Please, please tell me!