Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Then We All Learned A Very Important Lesson.

Thanks to everyone who sent birthday wishes. To my terrific friends who braved the cold to stand on a stoop and watch me blindly flail at a pinata - you did not drink enough beer. I am now accepting suggestions for what to do with all this beer that has taken over my fridge, e.g. donate it to a soup kitchen?


lebrookski said...

Mail it to meeeeee!!!!!!

wait...what kind is it?

jesse said...

YO I WANT ALL BEER!!! (p.s. lebrooski you stink and wants your beer so she can flush it down the toilet.)

Cupcake said...

Brooksy, for what it would cost me to ship all this beer to Germany, I could afford to by a ticket on LTU, fly to Hamburg and take you to the local Kneipe.

Jesse, casserole and beer at my place soon. Let me know who wants in on that.

jesse said...

I have checked with all of new york, I'm the only one who's interested.

(I meant to write 'lebrookski says you stink.')