Thursday, October 18, 2007

Allied Biscuit

I swear that the Kit Kats of my youth had more crunch to them.

Last night I saw a good movie called Broken English. It was written and directed by Zoe Cassavetes and stars Parker Posey. I don't think I've ever met anyone who didn't love Parker Posey. While I wish the film had developed some relationships more, Posey really nails some moments of emotional truth. Also, after you watch this film I guarantee you will wish you had a cute Frenchman in a straw hat following you around (if you do not already wish for this).

And now onto things I do not understand:

Ellen, I guess this is sad, but let me explain things to you. Children forget things. I was talking to my brother on the phone the other night. I had sent him a link to Wikipedia page about a strange cartoon we used to watch on Nickelodeon. "I don't remember that show at all," he said.

"Quit playing!" I yelled. "We used to watch that show everyday." He swore he didn't remember it. Unbelievable, I thought.

Then about five minutes later he said to me, "Hey, remember when we were kids and I got lost deep in the woods behind our house? You had to come in and find me. I think you probably saved my life. It was very scary for a little kid. I still have nightmares about that." Of course, I had zero memory of "rescuing" my brother from the woods as a kid. So what I'm saying is, Ellen, I'm sorry you sunk 3Gs into the puppy, but don't worry about the kids. They're playing PS2 now and don't even remember Iggy.


Alicia said...

oh my I remember that cartoon! And if there was a theme song with lyrics, my sister will know them! She has an uncanny memory for every cartoon and tv show song we watched as kids, and there were TONS of them.

MertMengelmier said...

I have a little update on the whole "Iggy" thing. I ate it. Last night, I ate Iggy.

Cupcake said...

Thanks for the update, Mert. Since I don't actually care about this story, I haven't bothered to find out what kind of a pooch Iggy is/was. If you have any hairball-related digestive problems, I suggest a tablespoon of Vaseline.

Beta said...

I also remember Spartakus!!! And I'm always surprised at how few people remember it. I can vaguely recall the theme song too, but that's hard to convey over a blog comment.

Cupcake said...

Beta, you can find the theme song on YouTube. However, I read that Menudo recorded a second theme song for the show, and that one has yet to be uploaded. Just watching the theme song/intro makes you wonder, 'What were they thinking? A cartoon about a bleak post-apocalyptic society failing to thrive? The kiddies will love that!'

And we did. Because it was on TELEVISION. They don't just put any old crap on Television, you know.