Monday, October 29, 2007

55 Minutes is a long time for a damn burrito

Every day on my way to and from work, I pass through Grand Central Terminal, a major transit, retail and tourist hub in East Midtown. And every day in the train station I pass a sexy lingerie store called The Pink Slip. I don't really know what the idea was in putting a lingerie store right at the top of the stairs to the 4,5 Train, but I'm pretty sure men were behind it. I would imagine it has produced a lot of scenes like this:

Woman calls her husband at the office: Honey, the baby just spit up on my last clean shirt. I'd throw it in the laundry, but every time I go down to the basement, there are puddles on the floor and it smells like sewage. Do you think on your way home you could pick up a case of Pampers with the leak guards and some Monistat?

Man rushing through GCT to catch train three hours later: Let's see, there was something I was supposed to pick up, oh, that's right, crotchless butterfly panties. Darts into The Pink Slip.

Anyway, for some weeks now The Pink Slip has been displaying costumes in the window, presumably for Halloween. This is the costume that has been in the front window for some time now, and it really captures my imagination. Hmm, okay there seems to be a problem with Blogger uploading photos right now. Let me try to describe the costume to my dear readers. Remember Strawberry Shortcake, the freckle-faced pink-clad doll who smelled like strawberries? Okay, now remember Strawberry Shortcake's friend who smelled like blueberry muffins? Now picture a trampy Blueberry Muffin* ... aaaaannnd you've got it. So here's my question: who is fetishizing the world of Strawberry Shortcake? And what guy out there is thinking, 'Heh, Strawberry Shortcake is a little out of my league, but I could totally bag blue-haired Blueberry Muffin chick!"

Then I found this site. Basically, if you were a little girl in the 1980s, all of the toys that you loved and held dear have now been turned into slutty costumes. Enjoy! I know what I'll be for Halloween next year - slutty Rainbow Brite. Somewhere in here there is a Smith College Women's Studies Seminar Thesis.

*In my attempts to find a good photo of the Blueberry Muffin doll I came across some Strawberry Shortcake fans personal collections sites that were so bizarre, they must be shared here and here.


Beta said...

Loved this post :)

Beta said...

ok, I have to post this after checking out the first link you listed.
What is up with those 2 dolls in the front that are reminiscent of the Ring and the Exorcist?

jesse said...

I'm with beta, great stuff here.

Joshua said...

I could see Snow white and the various disney princesses. I can see Dorothy. But the tin man, rainbow brite? Come on. Gross.

Cupcake said...

Update: the day after I posted this, the "Blueberry Girl" costume was gone from the window of The Pink Slip and replaced by "Raspberry Girl"; I can only assume that one of my astute readers ran out to purchase the costume. I hope you're having a good night tonight.