Monday, September 10, 2007

More Photos from a Wedding You Weren't At

9-1-07 071

This is the Groom. He is very nice and has handsome blue eyes. He very graciously puts up with all the crap that comes from having me as your wife's friend. For example, this weekend, I called them in a panic from the middle of Central Park. I was supposed to meet up with a group for a birthday picnic and I was totally lost. Also, it was very hot and I may be have been delirious. I was yelling about how I had no idea where I was, and it was so eerily quiet in the Ramble, I was waiting for someone to jump out and rape me. The groom at to get on the Central Park website and help locate me on the map while ML navigated me to the Delacorte Theater. "You need to go North and West," she said. "I have no fucking idea which way is North! I'm in the middle of the woods!"

I harass these people in such a manner about once a week. The Groom is a champ.

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