Monday, September 10, 2007

Escape Hatch


When I went to reserve a ZipCar to drive out to Long Island for the wedding, all of the smaller, cheaper cars had already been reserved, so I ended up driving a Volvo S40. It was a very nice car and had more features than the cars I am used to driving. However, the one I found the most mind-boggling, was this latch in the trunk. When I first picked up the car and opened the trunk to throw my bags in, I saw this cord. There is no explanation except for this pictographic, which I can only assume means 'if someone stuffs you in the trunk of this car, pull this latch- the trunk will open and you can run away.' Okay. Wait. Really? Really, Volvo? So anyway, my advice is if you're planning a nefarious crime, use the Crown Vic (duh). And is there also a metaphor in this escape hatch for a marriage? Maybe so, Rosebud. Maybe so.

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martinistar said...

that awesome lil latch glows in the dark too! my Momma's toyota camry came with one too... i think it's a great safety precaution but scary at the same time. what a world!