Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wish they all could be California Photos

Photos via PatriotDave. Granted, they are probably only interesting to a handful of people out then, but since when has this blog been relevant?

What we have here is the making of a beautiful sitcom, most likely to air on Showtime.

Of course, you can't have a sitcom without the wacky next door neighbors.

Later that night, Kevin Spacey stopped by. It was a star-studded wedding!

Here is a photo of Belstock officiating as Joe and Angie recite their vows. When I first heard at the rehearsal dinner that Belstock was going to be performing the ceremony, I thought that I misunderstood. Then for the next day I kept walking around saying, "That can't possibly be legally binding!" Well, shame on me. Look at that guy in the middle - Groomsman, Officiant, reader of Sapphic poems, DJ and Dance Captain. Just try getting married without that guy - just try it!

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