Monday, August 27, 2007

"Some US Americans Don't Have Maps"

This is probably one of them.

ChickenMama sent me this clip when I was at work today. Sure, it's easy to take a swipe at this girl, but when it's a choice between dialing the Billie Jean King National Tennis Box Office for the third time to ask yet another question about the US Open Tickets your boss is holding and wincing through these 45 seconds, it's an easy call. By the way, I hear this brain surgeon placed third in the pageant. I'm sure South Africans everywhere are rejoicing.


Paula said...

So a US American as opposed to....????? My husband watched this about 30 times last night and couldn't stop laughing. He thinks she totally melted down. Too much peroxide maybe?

Gloria said...

It's a small blog world! :) I did a post on this one too last night. It's really hilarious, i do feel sorry for her though but what the hell? *guffaw madly*

Anonymous said...

How did AC keep a straight face?