Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Windorphins + Germans + Swedish Meatballs =

It's a LeBrookski Contest.

Say guys, do you remember when I used to write about Germans all the time? Do you miss those posts? Do you wish you had your very own German with whom to have adventures? Well, now you can, thanks to a contest going on over at Raven's blog. You can win a chance to go on a date with LeBrookski's roommate Schmidt. Brooks will even pick up the tab for dinner, provided that you eat inside an IKEA in the greater Hamburg area. Wow. It's like eBay's ubiquitous Windorphin campaign was generated just for this.

Or, if you're not interested in dating a 27 year-old German man for some reason, you can still participate in the contest and if you win, Brooksy will ship a box of random goodness (maybe Candy!) to your home. German candy is very good; ask for Kinder Country and Kinder Surprise Eggs, duh.

Also, I met Schmidt once when I was in Hamburg, so I can vouch for his quality. He seems to be a nice guy despite being confused about having two first names. When we went to his apartment it was dark, he had just woken up from a nap. He owns some very nice electronics. He has a nice job that requires him to travel to France a lot, I think he designs air planes. Yet I believe his preferred mode of in-city travel is still the skateboard. Also, he speaks English very well in that soft-spoken, sexy way that makes you question whether these people know your mother tongue better than you do.

Details about the contest here. Good luck Schmidt and Brooks. Raven, you have even more time on your hands than I previously thought.


lebrookski said...

i've got waaaay too much time on my should see the invitation that i made for our housewarming party... looks like no one wants me to send them random stuff from germany.... one except for my friends who are already in germany. kind of defeats the purpose but whatevs...

Dawn Z(ed) said...

I totally miss the GoTM posts. They were actually how I got started reading this blog!

I've also entered the contest.

I like random stuff in the mail.

Oh and on a cupcake related note, Cupcake, if you are ever in Calgary I have the best cupcake connection. Best cupcakes I have ever had. They make my heart sing.

Cupcake said...

Dawn, I'm not sure I'll ever go to Calgary. Well, maybe, if Belstock moves there. Then I'll probably show up for a visit. In the meantime, if you feel like sharing with us here, there is always room to hype cupcake hook-ups here.

Dawn Z(ed) said...

It's best you don't visit here. There's nothing here. The biggest draw to Calgary is that it's "The Gateway to the Rockies". The Calgary airport is about as much of Calgary as many people ever see.

I'm still trying to figure out what the hell I was thinking when I moved here... and yet I love it... for the next two years anyway.

My cupcake hookup here is currently underground while she sets up shop, but she kicks Crave's ass (their cupcakes suck unless you need a fix, bad). just an fyi.