Monday, June 25, 2007

All the News that's Print to Fit

Hey guys, how did I get key lime pie inside my sandal? Can anyone answer that riddle?

Here's a video about a homeless man who was living in a cave in the Bronx. A nun who works with the homeless up there was able to find him housing, but ultimately he felt more comfortable living in the cave than he did in his own clean apartment. NY Times, you make some good little videos, but then you don't let people embed them. Oh well, that's your prerogative I guess, Gray Lady.

The Times also had an article recently about the recent trend in Los Angeles of people quitting their industry jobs to open up cupcake bakeries. These people are called "second-act bakers". The headline of the piece is a very condescending "So, Sweetie, I Quit to Bake Cupcakes." But according to the article, the husband and wife who run the LA-based Sprinkles are working more hours now than they did in their former lives as high-powered investment bankers. ''I found the one job where the hours are worse than investment banking,'' Ms. Nelson said. So much for the grass being greener.

And finally NY Magazine had a short front of the book piece about one of the WNYC Singles' Nights that I always hear advertised and wonder about. When I turn 30, in six years, wink wink, I hope that I've managed to keep my sunny, winning personality about me like that doctoral student. They say that New York is a very romantic city, but chasing a piece of that romance might actually kill you, or, as they say, it's not the heat, it's the humidity.

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Joshua said...

I just read the NY Mag interviews from the singles event. That was depressing. The women seemed normal, but those men...oy.