Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Reading is still fundamental

By the way, in case you haven't picked up on the fact that I've just about lost all interest in writing this blog, let me assure you that I still enjoy reading web-based and print content. How about if I link to some here and then you can all not bother me about writing another post for a while?

First there was this article about beer tourism in Germany which I enjoyed, having sampled Koelsch and Koelsch culture in Cologne and also Berliner Weissbier mit Himbeere Sirop as mentioned in the article. More coverage of Germany in the Times in a piece about "theater" taking place in a potato field in the former East Germany. For one Euro, you can go watch an American actor plant potatoes "in character". It's a think piece; makes me think, is this really stupid, or is it just me?

I loved this piece from Slate where writers answered the question about what font they compose in. It made me freak out and change my default e-mail font at work. I had no idea my font said so much about me, but it does, oh it does.

Also, I am very interested in this man's package.

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