Saturday, May 12, 2007

How do we feel about this? Weirded out, mostly.

Yahoo! mail has introduced a new embedded chat feature, not as good as GChat, but it makes it possible to send IMs while you're in the mail screen without downloading anything. Do we care? Not really. But it's yet another feature that makes use of your Yahoo! avatar if you've created one. I created an avatar a while ago that looks nothing like me and freaks me out to boot, so in an attempt to get rid of it I went to the Yahoo! avatar site. It was then I saw that Yahoo! has added a "Plus Size" option to several of its wardrobe choices. Also, you can choose a face that has a little more fat on it. Was this exciting to me? Yes. Am I proud of that? No.

So, I attempted to make an avatar that looked more like me:

Yahoo! Avatars

Well, it's a lot closer to the original that the last bony big-purple-eyed freak I had as my stand-in, but I honestly don't know how much time you would need to spend on the internet to feel like generating an anime Mini-me was worth your time, but there you are. I wonder if anyone is actually using the new plus-size avatars, or if you're going to go through the trouble of creating a cartoon in an Irish Step-Dancing outfit, or a Verizon Wireless eyepatch then an oversexualized Bratz-esque pout might be the least fantastic aspect to what some people are trying to accomplish here.

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