Thursday, April 12, 2007

Work hangovers are the worst.

Here's a true story from this morning.

I switched from the 4,5 Train and by some miracle got a seat at Borough Hall. A man got on the train. His outfit was so bright, it was painful for me to look at in my condition this morning, but also, I couldn’t look away. This is what he was wearing: A T-shirt that said “Billionaire Boy’s Club” with a stubbed out cigarette.; A bright yellow, oversized hoodie with colorful caricatures of running dogs (I found the hoodie online here); a matching bright yellow knit cap with a blue running dog; thick, dark indigo jeans with the running dog embroidered across his crotch, and pink and yellow sneakers.

Eventually, someone got up and the good looking guy sat down next to me. He was listening to his music and I was listening to mine, but I kept sneaking peeks at him to appreciate his attention to detail - his pinkie ring with crushed diamonds, his colorful blue watch. Finally, the train was pulling into Grand Central. I turned to him and caught his eye. “Your outfit is fabulous,” I said. He pulled out one of his ear buds. “Your outfit is fabulous,” I repeated, gently touching his wrist. He smiled at me, and I could see golden grills in his bottom teeth. “You look great!” I called as I exited the train.

Sometimes I really love this city.


NancyPearlWannabe said...

I was skeptical about the outfit until I got to the gold grill part. That pulled it all together for me.

Sarah said...

my favorite part about the 4-5 in the morning is how crowded it can get. I love feeling so suffocated.