Monday, April 30, 2007

What I look like when I'm doing what I'm doing

One of my co-workers went on a site visit and took some photos with a disposable camera (remember those?). He wanted to use up the roll of film, so he took some shots in the office. I think they pretty much capture the atmosphere of Oz beautifully, but since I don't have permission from the people in the photos, who don't know this blog exists, I'll just post a few.

This photo from taken far away is of me. I'm sure if you could see me, there would be a scowl on my face. This particular coworker insists on calling me by my initials, "NM", so it was one of those things where someone calls your name and you turn around and see a bright flash. As you can see, they like to keep me hidden behind a plant. This happens to me a lot. Also I am in close proximity to three printers, which is helpful since I am the one who is always the one fixing them when they break. Also, everyone in the office has at least two computer screens. Some people have four. I have one. I think that pretty much says it all. I face away from the action, towards the other divisions of Greater Oz. Behind me, spectacularly interesting things are happening.

Here is my desk. MD wanted to take a photo of Robbie, and here I am shielding him from the papparazzi, like Angelia tucking in Shiloh, like Katie turning Suri away from the bright flash. That is beause Robbie didn't have his good face on. Actually, Robbie didn't have any face on. Sometimes Robbie's face gets vandalized and I get caught up doing something else and I don't have time to make him a new face for a while. The flowers on my desk were a gift on Administrative Professional's Appreciation Day, or as I like to call it, Secretary's Day. I love Secretary's Day. I was very lucky, I received many thoughtful gifts. In addition to the flowers, I received a gift card to Sephora, a giftcard to Bliss spa and some little Godiva chocolates.

Can you find on my desk: Iced Coffee, Emergen-C, Hand Cream, Kinder Surprise Egg logo, spreadsheet, label maker, pink ribbon, stapler, band-aid, stamp moistener? All in a day's work!

In other news, another colleague sent me this link. The otters are holding hands. The otters are holding hands!!! Who can I make the check out to?

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Marlena said...

I also call it Secretary's Day, and I referred to it to one of the residents where I work (assisted living) as my favorite holiday ever. I THOUGHT that was true, until you revealed your awesome gifts, and suddenly I felt cheated by the flowers (though they did come in a nice vase).