Monday, April 02, 2007

Perhaps I need to work on my image at work

One of my rare female co-workers sent me a link to an article in New York Magazine with the following note:

"thought you might find this very interesting ... very sad"

I clicked on the link and this story came up: Child Hookers and the Law: Tale of a 13-Year Old

Do you think my feminist agenda is coming on too strong? I've been flooding the place with Easter candy for the last half week! That's cheerful.

In news that is practically not related at all, Slate's Explainer column explain's Why there are hardly any female umpires. The column includes this story about a woman who hit the glass ceiling in 1972, calling a game in the Class-A league.

When she reversed a call during her first game, Nolan Campbell, the manager of
the Auburn Phillies, yelled that she had made two mistakes: "The first was you
put on that uniform and came out here as an umpire. Your second mistake was you
left the kitchen." When the game ended, Gera resigned.

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