Monday, March 12, 2007

The Secret Life of Robbie

So, by now you are all well-acquainted with Robbie the Rubber Band Ball, my second best friend at the office. It's been a busy time for birthdays around here. Last Monday, someone in the office was having a birthday, so I tried to create my very own Robbie e-card, playing around with .jpgs and clip art in my Microsoft Outlook. I don't really want to tell you how long it took me to make a design with a party hat and a noise maker for Robbie, but let's call it an hour. I don't think it even transmitted very well. So then I wrote to the Great Dane, who is herself a designer for real, and told her how I had a new found appreciation for her work. "It took me an hour to make this image and I still can't get the damn party hat to fit on his head!"

The Great Dane then sent me back a perfectly festive Robbie in five minutes and wrote, "I could have saved you 55 minutes."

"Wow, that's great," I wrote. "But now, do you think you could put Robbie on the beach?

And thus a new game was invented called, Where's Robbie now? Basically, I suck at it, but also I don't have access to any cool design software. Once I made a Robbie eating a cannoli in Microsoft Word and asked Daveb to make it into a .jpg for me and his head nearly exploded. So, I've been using the designs to send out to my coworkers to make them laugh, and for the most part it really cheers them up. So, now I need some new graphics and I'm inviting you to play along with "Where's Robbie now?" Use the photos in the post below to make your designs and email the finished products to iminthecupcakemafia at googlemail dot com. I could really use Robbie out for a drink and a Robbie under the weather.

Thanks for your help, Cupcakes!

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