Sunday, March 11, 2007

I think I was at a party with those guys.

I have been listening to a lot of Mates of State since I heard them play as the house band for the This American Life Show at Lincoln Center a few weeks ago. In general I thought their produced songs were better than their live performance, except for their cover of "These Days." I loved that song and when I got home I was desperate to track the song down on iTunes. I could only purchase the song by purchasing the entire album of a film sound track. Which film, you ask? Wicker Park. Yes, I know own the soundtrack for Wicker Park, a movie that previously was nothing more than a punchline to me, at the cost of $9.99. Nicely played iTunes. Fortunately there were some other good songs on that album as well. And then I didn't even like the version of "These Days" that I now own nearly as much as the one I heard live- I think because in the live version Kori was playing the piano, not the organ. Thank God some things on the Internet are still free. Like this video, which always makes me smile.

In other Interweb news, CraftyCrumbly had one of her iPod cozy designs featured on the Craft blog and the Great Dane's awesome new side project is up and running and beautifully designed just like everything she does.

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