Monday, February 12, 2007

It's practically a Mr. Rodger's song waiting to happen.

There are many reasons to love the Brooklyn Public Library. This is one of them.

And it's a good thing I love the BPL because I'm about to owe them some serious cash. I have two books due on Wednesday and I can't renew them because they both have beaucoup holds on them. I haven't even cracked open Gary Shteyngart's Absurdistan. Damn you, The Emperor's Children, why can't I get anywhere with you? You were supposed to be one of the best books of 2006!! I can't handle a narrative being split five different ways into these mini chapters of 10 pages each. I'm not getting anywhere. I've got nothing to latch on to- I don't care about anyone. Maybe I'll give up on the Messud and buy the Shteyngart?


Janet said...

Yes. Brooklyn Public Library is amazing. But I'm pretty sure they couldn't say the same thing about me: I'm not one to remember about turning in Library books. The moment I've walked into a library of any sort, I've guaranteed myself a ten dollar fine.

I actually came by to thank you for your sidebar, listing the best places for cupcakes in Manhattan. Buttercup Bakeshop was the highlight of my week.

Cupcake said...

Thanks, we try to provide a service here at the Cupcake Mafia. Someone told me Tribeca Treats is worth a visit... I cannot yet independently confirm this.

Joshua said...

Back when I had free time, but not a very good income, I used to go there all the time. Now I have no free time or good income, so, um. Yeah.

Irina said...

I thought Gary's first book was amazing...I was tragically disappointed with the second one. If you wind up reading it, I'd be interested in your opinion. One intelligent lady to another.