Sunday, November 05, 2006

My Moggy is Leaving

It's true. LaHippster, one of my best friends in Brooklyn, is moving away. And, to add insult to injury, she's moving to Northampton a place I left three years ago with no intentions of looking back. First SmartyPants and FribsinCharge set up there and now Hipster is fleeing to those hills. Hey, why don't you guys all move in together and have babies and sing Girl Scout songs and do all my favorite things? Are you trying to hurt my feelings? Mission accomplished. Well, you'll never get me to move back, so quit trying. Maybe if the Popcorn Palace was still in business ... but no. *sigh* Looks like it's about time for me to get a Zip Car membership.

On Friday night LaHip had her going away party.

Don't be fooled by my jovial buzz;
I am actually quite displeased about the whole situation.

To console ourselves, the Great Dane and I traveled to the Red Light District to try to drown our sorrows by window shopping for Dutch prostitutes, but all that was on offer was Cleveland hipsters.

Some guy I had gone out with once who never saw fit to return my emails, showed up with a lady law student and gave me the toddler blink blink wave. But it was the Hipster's big night so I decided to drink through the awkwardness. Truman and I agreed that LaHipster, she is our sun, and without her reflected light and her celestial body to orbit around, we are concerned for the fate of New Jerk City and the future of Brunch. Some time around 2am the diehards all said we would make an effort to see each other real soon which was most likely a lie all around and then we stumbled out onto Smith Street, leaving only the skeleton crew to get up to one more round of Brooklyn shenanigans.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to move to Northampton! For now I'll have to settle for Lenox, an hour away... but I was just there yesterday. I love that town.

Dizzie Diva said...

The best solution to having your friends move away is to become a dictator. That way you can forse them to stay.
Not sure if that is healthy for the friendship though...

I miss my moved away friends too. Maybe I should try ebing Dizzie General the Dictator for a bit and see how that works out for me...

Cupcake said...

Diva, I like the way you think.

Joshua said...

Wait, why is everyone moving to Northhampton? I'm going to give it the ol' 7 Sisters try and assume that Smith is there, but didn't you guys, like graduate three or four years ago?
Are you all going to be those creepy students who never leave and keep going to freshman parties talking about how you scored four touch downs and one game? And making all the girls uncomfortable?
That sounds pretty good.

La Hip said...

La Nance, you make me so sad. Actually, just hungry. But NO, you will come and stay! It will be like your writing cottage, and by cottage I mean loft and by writing I mean making me some soup, dammit. I mean, visit soon!

And I'm passing the Ladies' Brunch baton to you, my friend. Get it done.