Thursday, October 12, 2006

Shameless Cribbing

In other news, I've had the Ducktales Theme Song IN GERMAN stuck in my head for days now, thanks to this butthead. Fun fact: Josh Brolin was the voice of Brandon. Who the hell was Brandon? Also, my brother and I had some awesome DuckTales Nintendo game. LittleBrother, if you're reading this, what was it called? Also, what were the different worlds/levels you had to beat? I remember a snow/moon level? I remember Launch Pad was a key figure in the game. Please help as this is ripe to preoccupy all my free time.


Lindsey said...

The ladies who lunch at law school were just discussing old Nintendo games. I will pose this question to them. That game rocked.

Cupcake said...

I knew Law School had to be good for something! You're on the case now, pro bono I hope.

I also remember a level set in an old mine that caused much trouble.