Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ice Cream Soup

Remember when we were kids and we used to let our ice cream get all warm and melty? Then we would stir it really fast and call it "ice cream soup" and slurp it down. Why did we do that? Ice cream tastes better cold.


Emma said...

uh...did everyone else stop doing that? yeah, sure, I did too...

btw Nanc, now will you come to Rome?:

she makes ITALY!

Cupcake said...

Well, Josephine is doing God's work, spreading the Gospel of cupcakes. It is very difficult to describe what a cupcake is to a German- there is no eqivalent, no word in their language and frosting as such does not even exist. So I usually just drag them to the nearest bakery and point through the window. Then, once they see the cupcakes they get very excited and must have one! But a few bites in they get discouraged and say, "No. No. This is too sweet!" And yet, I've never seeen any cupcake left behind.

Emma T. there are two reasons keeping me from visiting you in Rome: 1. Cash Money and 2. Not enough vacation days. The fear that we won't find enough delicious things to eat is not really a concern.

Muk said...

I have no idea why, but melting ice cream reminds me of cement, which reminds me of cement mixers, which reminds me of the cement mixer pulling the float at the Columbus Day parade, which reminds me that YOU ARE IGNORNING MY EMAILS!

I have pressing questions. Don't make me pose this to a different eyetalian.

jesse said...

there is more to this post than meets the eye. eyetalian. that's good.

Cupcake said...

Jesse, do not encourage Muk.

Muk, I failed to see a question in either your email or your comment. Are you trying to suggest to me that my people sometimes make unfortunate tacky choices? Well, you are talking to someone who spent childhood at Grammy's house sitting on a plastic covered sofa staring at a Virgin Mary perched on the cable box. You are preaching to the choir. If the eye-tals want to use a cement truck to pull a parade float, well, I'm just happy there was no organ grinder and monkey nearby to chime in with "That's a-spicy meatball!"

Let's not lose sight of the original point of this post, which is that people who put ice cream in the microwave are lame.

Muk said...

Sometimes with me you must infer the question. Which is probably why no one responds to my emails/IMs/etc.

Anyhoo... what I'm saying is that if there was a Brown People Parade and I looked out the window to see a float pulled by waterbuffalo or computer programmers, it would slightly perturb my sensibilities. I haven't charmed a snake in like 2 years now, come on!

You joke about organ grinders and monkeys, but I did hear my fair share of That's Amore and... that other song. Maybe the whole thing skews regional - Sicilian? I don't know.

Back to ice cream. I'm in the "no soup" camp. And I dig that pumpkin ice cream that comes out this time of year. I'm amazed that someone ever thought that you could make anything edible out of pumpkin. Ever tasted it raw?

mamafabun said...

The raw smell is even worse than the raw taste.