Thursday, October 05, 2006


Here are some photos from the Mets game a couple of weeks ago. You remember the Mets? They just had their way with the Dodgers last night.

This is Alphabets. She magically made hot dogs appear on all of our laps. No, wait. That sounds gross.

The Germans said "Okay, that was very nice, but we never want to go to another baseball game again. Can we go see an American football game next weekend?" They were just confused because they thought "Sweet Caroline" was a traditional American Folk Song. I said to them, "See, this game is not very important, so the Mets are saving their best players so they don't get injured for post-season play." Der Jaegermeister said, "How could you possibly get injured playing this stupid game?" They're cute, eh?

Here is a photo of me and Little Brother. I think I'm going to have this put on a Coffee Mug and send send it to Pop so that every morning when the old man eats his Grape Nuts he can wonder what the hell went wrong.

And speaking of mad hot Smithies here is Cupcake and Miss Hool E. Gan at the post game drink up at the Astoria Beer Gardens. Hooly insisted on peppering the conversation with the Germans with such colorful terms as "banana hammock" and topics as female to male gender transitioning which really kept me on my toes as an interpreter. Later she asked the guys if they had mastered the custom of American tipping and when I told her that every day was a battle for me to get them to tip 20% she yelled, "I would spit in your food! I would spit in your food!". No agreements there.

Let's go Mets.


jesse said...

blah blah germans blah

Cupcake said...

it's true.

lebrookski said...

my blog is turning into just that...

"blah blah germans blah"

but your germans...they look particularly german...they may have seemed to be complainy about the baseball game, but trust gave them memories for a lifetime...

they're so pale...

i shouldm't germans have lost whatever semblance of a "summer tan" they may have ever had.

how am i supposed to start a revolution of brown people in this country? i need to seriously get cracking on my plan,,,

MCMCMCLY said...

wow, jessie and I share a mind - or perhaps you sent him my last drunken email.

Also, I wouldn't say the Mets manhandled the Dodgers -- they nearly lost. Plus el duke and pedro are out for the post season, so I'm affraid you better hope the Twins can pull of a miracle against Oakland or we'll be hearing the dreaded "Let's Go Yankees" in the World Series (against the Cardinals).