Tuesday, September 26, 2006

It's Tuesday and that means Lederhosen

Here are some photos taken two weeks ago at the 49th Steuben Day Parade, a German-American Festival in New York that attracts folk groups from Germany as well as the Tri-State area and beyond. I suppose I could cook up some captions, but I think these photos alone quite nicely.


paulaestoup said...

Hmmm.. Maybe next year my husband can maximize his lederhosen wearing activities (this year he had 3) by visiting his friend in New York rather than the other way around. That way he'll be too far away to pester me about wearing a dirndal!

Joshua said...

I'm really said I missed that. For a Jew, I have a pretty odd affection for Germany. But how can you not like a people who make such great beer and sausage?