Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Expect delays.

So, while I was in Germany so things happened in America and since I was traveling without television and Internet and I couldn't be bothered to pick up a newspaper, I am just learning about them now. For example, the whole country suffered from a heat wave the rose temperatures to 105 degrees in New York City. Glad I missed that. Also, Mel Gibson revealed himself to be a fucking lunatic just incase there was any doubt lingering in your mind. I for one, feel better about never having seen Braveheart. Braveheart will always be the Care Bears' lion cousin as far as I am concerned.

But you know, things also happend in Germany. Like two suitcase bombs were found in a train/train station in Dortmund and Koblenz, two cities I traveled through during the same days the bombs were discovered (I found a much more detailed account in English but it was published in a conservative web zine and I don't feel comfortable linking to it). 'Oh no,' I thought. 'My friends and family in America will be very worried about me!' But then I remembered that no news about Europe actually makes it into the US so everything was cool. The irony is that when MuppetLover was in Israel two weeks ago I was all worried about her, but apparently I was much closer to being the victim of terrorism. According to one account I read, the only reason one of the bombs didn't explode is that the gas tank had been overfilled.

So here are some lovely photos of Germany. To the persons who planted bombs in Nordrhine Westphalia I must ask, what's your beef, dude? Sure, the Germans have their annoying traits, and here I'm thinking about their insistence on putting corn and tuna fish on pizza, wearing dark socks with sneakers and charging for the use of public toilets. "Brooks! I need sixty goddamn Euro cents to use the toilet! Bitte!" But this is a beautiful country where I was shown nothing but grace and kindness while I proceeded to dork up their land and stumble through their language. Here's an open challenge to global terrorists: you mess with the Deutschies, you mess with the Cupcake.

actually blogger is not keen on letting me post photos now, but I'll add some later

This is intended to be whatever passes for an entertaining post around here and not a serious discussion of German history or the sociology of contemporary Germany. To exchange ideas on those subjects, you will need to buy me a beer first.


Anonymous said...

Hey! Didn't expect to find any new content here. We must find some time to hang out this weekend, fellow world traveler. As for the safety issue abroad, I find it best to assume that you're always safer when you leave NYC.


Joshua said...

I wish I had three sundaes right now. Sigh.

jesse said...

I think you've touched on brilliance here:
"Braveheart will always be the Care Bears' lion cousin as far as I am concerned."

Cupcake said...

Braveheart was my favorite Care Bear Cousin, but if you can remember the name of the elephant, I'll give you a kiss.

jesse said...

Pucker up cupcake, it's LotsaHeart.

Hey you know about synchronicity? Like how you won't think about something for years, then it comes up in multiple ways within a few short days. Right now the recurring topics in my life are CareBears, Dave Eggers and Chinese kite-making. Seriously.

Dawn Z(ed) said...

Cupcake, if you ever decide to travel to Calgary, I will gladly buy you a beer, and you don't even have to discuss anything as serious as history or sociology.