Friday, July 21, 2006

Are You In?

Image from NatalieDee again. That woman is a brilliant artiste.

Lest you develop click fatigue from constantly checking to see if I've updated this site yet, I've created a Cupcake Mafia mailing list. You can register your email address and I will notify you when I've posted new content or otherwise have any announcements. Also, I will probably sell your email addresses to spambots, but I will try to hold out for really classy spam.

Join: iminthecupcakemafia at googlemail dot com


Beta said...

At the risk of sounding extremely dorky, a helpful tool is the personalized Google homepage. So if you have a gmail account and you're on, click on 'personalized home' at the top right corner. Its so easy to add blogs and news sites (etc) to the page and it updates whenever there are new entries.

I realize this probably sounds extremely silly to many of you, but perhaps there's even just one person in the cupcake mafia who's sick of clicking around on each individual blog and didn't know about this kind of helpful tool. Yahoo has the same thing for non-gmail people but its a little bit harder to add blogs.
(So cupcake, if I don't sign up for your mailing list, its not cuz I don't care about the cupcake news, i'm just making google do all the work for me.)

ducky said...

i've got you on bloglines. i'll know about your next post before you EVEN WRITE IT.


/end hyperbole

Janet said...

Cupcakes for breakfast? What a concept! I am in awe.

daveb said...

Blogger already auto-publishes an RSS feed for you, you sugar-huffing tard. Your RSS address is

There's lots of feed readers out there. Personally, I'm currently using bloglines ( RSS is a much better alternative to email lists.

Cupcake Queen said...

i'm so glad you still have your sense of humor....

Tab said...

Cupcakes are my totally fave vice!!!
(Anytime of day...heehehe)
I have a blog using a cupcake name but it has nothing to do with cupcakes other than the fact that me,
the writer,LOVEs a good cupcake now and again!!! Cool blog & links..
I will be back for seconds! LOL :)

rachel said...

thought you might rejoice in this....

Drew said...

Who the hell writes a blog entry and gets 25 comments? I don't get it but it must be talent.

You will work to finish that "this american life" essay! You will or I will start my own blog. Not my own but yours. Making entry after unentertaining and misspelled entry within this comment box.

"Hey Cupcake, record any farmers lately?"

"Hey Cupcake, what’s with not flying to Ohio?"

"Cupcake, this blog is getting like Dave's?

Scary! I know.

But you can stop it.


acaligurl said...

ok, i can't join the mailing list???!!! everytime i go to the site it takes me right back here! yikes, help me i guess i am not too blog savy.

Cupcake said...

you just send an email to the address given above. it's spelled out to prevent spambots from attacking. relax. you can do it.