Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The World Cup - It's Still Going On

You may or may not know that the World Cup is still going on. Yes. And apparently it will be going on for some time. So, you know, try to maintain some ethusiasm.

I watched some of the matches when I was in Rhode Island last weekend, and these games were totally enhanced by my father's new plasma screen tv and high definition broadcasting. Now, I'm a bit of a television neophyte. Basically, I believe that the world sent its best, 8-in tall athletes to live in a box and play football for our enjoyment. I had heard of HDTV, but I really didn't think the difference could be that great. Boy, I really am an idiot. I can't really describe it, other than to say the view is actually better than if you were live at the stadium watching the match in person. I don't know how they do it, but I think pixies are involved. Or pixels. Or both.

Despite watching the games in living color, (I think I actually saw an individual blade of grass grow) my favorite aspect of the Weltmeistershaft is the sociological repercussions. I am very pleased that hosting the World Cup has now given the Germans the confidence to fly their flag with pride. When I spent a month in Berlin several years ago, the only German flag I ever saw was on top of the Reichstag. In Austria, the night before a national holiday they would cover the federal buildings in red and white bunting and then quickly take it all down again the next day. I'm glad that these people now feel able to express some national pride without being branded as fascists, or worse.

Also, I enjoyed this medatative pun by the New York Times as a reminder as to why I love living in New York. My favorite World Cups? Mango Lassi and Thai Iced Coffee.


lebrookski said...

two things:

1.) even though i've seen more games than i ever intended to i haven't seen that many of them. my personal favorite way to watch is on andre's wall's like watching in a movie theater...except it's like a bedroom...i love that stupid thing.

2.) there's a lot of mixed feelings about the flag thing, more so than that article mentioned. especially in light of the whole NDP rallies during the opening games.

that said, i don't think it's all too bad of a thing, i mean, it's for a sports cause and not a political one.

Joshua said...

That "World Cups" article confused me, what on earth did it have to do with the World Cup? Half the nations whose drinks were mentioned aren't even in the World Cup. Stupid fluff pieces. But the article on the flags was good.
My German is wearing a red, black and gold bracelet. She also told me to do good work today and agreed that the penalty shot awarded to Ghana this morning-the game winning penalty shot I might add-was complete bullshit. So, um, take that Ghana.

Cupcake said...

I think the point of that article was to make me thirsty and want to trek everywhere from Harlem to Queens to try all of those awesome drinks. Also "World's Cups" is some major funny word play as far as the NYT is concerned.

Regarding the display of the German flag, here's my thought. It's only natural to have pride in your country. I mean, I don't support the current US Presidential administration, I disagree with nearly all aspects of our foreign policy and many entire states here just embarass and confuse me, but if someone from another country wants to dump on American culture or history I have been known to come to raise my eyebrow and start removing my rings, if you know what I'm saying. So obviously Germans have a similiar pride. Asking people to repress this pride and feel shame about their country makes them ripe for ascending demagogues. If you don't give them a positive way to channel nationalism, then it is going to be co-opted by 'far right' groups and used destructively.

Sheena said...

On HDTV: life-altering.

I didn't believe it either, then watched the first England match at a friend's (he has HDTV) and holee sheeeit, what a difference. It'd be amazing to watch all my sports like that.

Then I remind myself that digital cable, dvr, and MLB Extra Innings is plenty of TV for someone on an assistant's salary.

Joshua said...

But Sheena think about it. We could ya know, pay monthly for the next thirty years and split it 50/50. It'd be worth it. It was like watching the world cup the way God watches the world cup-on HD.