Sunday, June 04, 2006

Part Two, Click Here Second

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TomatoRed said...

That story made me cry! Damn you! It's Monday morning!

LaHip said...

If it makes you feel any more validated, when I was on the boob-to-boob-packed trains this morning, I hissed at people who stood too close to me and almost took out a dude with a Kate's Paperie bag.

Also, these audioblogs make you sound like you're always so composed. Where's the snorting, guffawing recount of when you asked me what size batteries iPods take?

I can help drill tonight if you need.

TomatoRed said...

hey, i'm good with tools too. :) i can help whenever.

Cupcake said...

LaHip, I graciously stayed away from that story because you really can't get the full effect unless we mention the weeping sores on your face (don't worry folks, it's temporary!). But since you brought it up, yes, while standing in the check-out line, I turned to LaHipster and asked her what kind of batteries you put in an iPod. About as soon as I said it, I knew I had said something wrong and we laughed so hard, we cried and cried. Unfortunately, LaHip's face split in two. No one from the Container Store even looked up.

The shelves are up, ladies! At least, they were up when I left for work this morning. I'm about 70% sure they're going to stay put. If the shelves collapse, my apartment will be awash in plaster of paris, candy sprinkles and red wine. At that point, I will have to move.