Thursday, May 25, 2006

This Blog Makes Gawker Stalker Obsolete

Tonight I walked past, and nearly walked into, Steve Buscemi (why link to this story? why not?) crossing Lincoln at Seventh Avenue. I didn't realize who it was until I was right up upon him. He was wearing a baseball cap, but tilted back on his head, sweeping his hair out of his eyes instead of hiding his face. He was doing something funny with his lips. He is the only person I have encountered who looks far less haggard in real life than he does on film.


Joshua said...

When I worked at Barnes and Noble in Park Slope I sold him a note card. The hi-light of my book selling days.

Cupcake said...

When did you work at the PS Barnes and Noble? You probably sold me a book. I should think that would be the Highlight (Fun with a Purpose) of your book selling days.

Joshua said...

Almost certainly. I worked there during the holiday season a few years ago. It kind of sucked.

But selling you a book was the high point of my book selling career.