Friday, May 26, 2006

I Love it When my Friends do the Work For Me

From Jesse, I learned that Johnny Cupcakes opened a new store on Newbury Street in Boston this weekend. Johnny Cupcakes is a bakery-themed shop that sells only clothing and accessories with "cupcakes encoded in [the] designs." The T-shirts are truly awesome and I would be proud to own any number of them, but with price tags that range from $24.99 - $40.99 they are prohibitively expensive for this little muffin. So what's the deal? I guess the price tag goes along with the vision that Johnny is creating an exclusive, limited edition product, "Nobody wants what everyone else has, that's why we make everything limited...some more than others. It's also why we only sell to very select boutiques." Yeah, I almost bought that theory until I realized that anyone could buy one of these shirts on the Internet. Very exclusive, that. Also there is something called a "cupperwear" party in which you do all the work and are rewarded by having the opportunity to sell cool, overpriced t-shirts to your friends. Or maybe the bonus is that this guy shows up at your house?

From LaHipster who sent me this blog post most likely because she loves to see people hate on cupcakes, I was able to track down this review for the new "Burgers and Cupcakes" a new restaurant in West Midtown that serves... wait for it... burgers and cupcakes. People, what are we waiting for? Come on, Hippy. I'll buy you a veggie burger.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I came to your blog lamely enough from that silly little article in the Smith Alumnae Quarterly, and I just ran across some cupcake-abilia that you would appreciate. These are shirts and such from Cupcake Royale, in my lovely hometown of Seattle, and they seem fairly clever and inexpensive to me:

Your blog is wonderful and funny, and oddly inspiring as I'm spending the summer in NYC.

Cupcake said...

Thanks for the link and welcome to the blog. A girl can never have too many cupcake t-shirts (currently I own one which seems like a pitiful number, considering) although I am slightly concerned about becoming a walking parody of myself.

Anonymous said...

I did indeed buy some limited johnny cupcakes shirts online - and it was even #'d! It sucks that anyone can buy them online...but they are still limited, and nobody will ever have the white/purple robot shirt #267 or the love shirt #182. When opening my mail, my cupcake shirts were gift wrapped in cupcake tissue paper - and there was even a new kids on the block trading card inside! i almost peed my pants!