Thursday, May 25, 2006

In Cupcake News

LaHipster put me wise to this story from the New York Times. The residents of Milford, MI, the town wherein FBI agents are currently searching for the remains of Jimmy Hoffa, are having a blast with all of the national attention they've been getting. "Where's Hoffa?" souvenirs are cropping up all over the place, including at the Milford Baking Company.

The most popular items on the menu at the Milford Baking Company these
days are the 95-cent "Hoffa cupcakes" featuring a green plastic hand reaching up
through chocolate icing and candy sprinkles designed to resemble dirt.

Is there a detail in that paragraph that sticks out to anyone else? Ninety-five cents for a bakery cupcake? In New York City, that cupcake would cost $3.50, no joke. I'd like to be able to pay for a cupcake with pocket change. Although not if it meant I was in Michigan.

Yesterday I convinced two Germans to try root beer. It did not go over well. DM could at least drink it. G7 insisted that it tasted like "a mix of medicine and malt beer"; she later changed her description to "toilet bowl detergent".

Oh, I'd like to add that if they find Hoffa in Michigan, I'll eat my fucking hat.


Joshua said...

Those Germans are nuts. Root beer and it's handsome cousin, Birch beer are delicious.

Did I tell I'm getting a new German room mate for the summer? She's from a village outside of Frankgurt or Stuttgart, I can't remember which.

She starts Monday.

Cupcake said...

I literally cannot wait for you to start posting about German hilarity. Then you'll see. Then you'll all see!

Joshua said...

Dude, I can't wait either, though I'm a little bit nervous too.

I seriously doubt she'll compare to your Germans as she is not a banker and thus, ironically, not as funny.