Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Chew on This.

First of all, congratulations to LeBrookski who escaped the gravatational pull of Oklahoma and ran away to Germany. This was a brilliant decision as far as I am concerned because it seems like she has quite a following there. Hell, I've got a pair of Germans that follow me around like ducks so I can only imagine the egomaniacal boost that comes from having a whole posse. (Actually I've currently got one German following me around, one I'm running away from, one who stands on her own and a new Deutschie arriving tomorrow. Brooks will probably encounter less Germans in Hamburg than I trip over on my way to the break room). Brooksy was one of the kind people pointing me in the right direction when I said I wanted to start a podcast, now she's uploaded her farewell DJ session online (don't everyone look at once, that's copyrighted music, folks) which leads me to believe that if I actually listened to her and followed through, I too could be posting audio clips. LeBrookski you were already my hero for your ability to rhyme in German and you continue to inspire. I hope you keep blogging.

In boring news, the New York Times ran an editorial yesterday that unpaid internships are bad for the economy which is something that I have been screaming about for five years now. This article does not include my argument that the unpaid internship has also brought about the unnoticed death of meritocracy in America, but this is worth clicking on for the graphic provided. Other developments calculated to piss me off: trend-setting department stores are doing away with the Petite Department, causing designers to stop producing petite sizes. This means that shopping will only become more frustrating for me. If you see me walking around midtown wearing a burlap sack and a grosgrain belt, you'll know I gave up on fashion. (Or did fashion give up on me, hmm? Think about it.)

Now, here's your reward for reading to the end of this post. A pretty sharp guy I went to high school with has one of those Friendster blogs. He made me laugh then and he makes me laugh now. Click here for some McSweeney's style entertainment from the Hos:

Rap Names Based on my Office/Job

Drinks modeled after the characters of Saved by the Bell

Hollywood Lineup


Beta said...

the Hos?! He didn't seem like the Friendster-blogging type. Also, he hasn't updated in quite a while! Now that he's gotten me hooked (thanks to you), I'm already cut off.
My fav is DHL L Cool J.

the belligerent intellectual said...

How do you just "do away with" petite sizes? Like they're decided there are no longer petite sized people in the world? That's like doing away with the amgnum condom. What would I do then?!

Lord of the Barnyard said...

what is a grograin? because i'm too lazy to open wiki.
in the while i'll imagine it's made from fish spines woven intricately together and held together with gorilla glue.

Cupcake said...

Yes, they have even acknowledged that women aren't getting taller, they've just decided to stop selling petite sizes anyway. As a big "fuck you" to the short.

Farmer, you are precisely correct as to the definition of grosgrain. Available in many pastel hues at your local J.Crew.