Thursday, April 20, 2006

The War for your Overheard Allegiance

What the hell is going on with Overheard in New York? Now we have Morgan Friedman running Overheard in New York and Michael Malice running New York Overheard? (warning: don't click on the links to personal homepages of these two unless you have a high tolerance for post-hipster bullshit.) And it looks like Overheard in the Office and Overheard at College will be the two unfortunate children being shuttled back and forth between Mom's new boyfriend's house and dad's sketchy apartment. Breaking up is hard to do, boys.

How can I get to the bottom of this? Which vapid media blog will be sure to cover this trivial fallout? Thanks, Gawker. You never disappoint.


Policate said...

Did you catch the reference to New York Magazine on CSI last night? They were releasing a sketch of an unidentifiied homicide victim but they didn't want them to make a big deal out of it and all the CSI sidekicks made snide "yeah, right" comments.

Joshua said...

Cupcake! Cupcake! Metro had an interview today with the other Cupcake lady, cupcakes take the cake! and you write about cupcakes, so I was excited!

Cupcake said...

That is exciting. I'll see if I can find a link to the story on the Metro webpage. Do you know what would be more exciting? If Metro New York interviewed me. I could tell them about the crazy trip I was on after I mixed muscle relaxers and Crystal Light.