Friday, April 21, 2006

Homework Assignment

Hello. I'm still alive. I'm back at work today and while my back feels better, all of this "staying awake" and "sitting upright" is really taking it out of me. Hopefully after I finish this course of medication tomorrow I'll be back to normal. In the meantime, my healthy eating has gone out the window since I didn't have much food in the house and I couldn't stand up long enough to cook anything. Fortunately, MuppetLover came over Wednesday night with a pan of lasagne.

Here is the NY Metro article that Josh mentioned. It is an interview with Rachel Kramer Bussel who runs Cupcakes Takes the Cake with two friends. Funfact: we learn in this article that Bussel's day job is a senior editor at Penthouse. No wonder she understand the concept of cake porn so well. And, if you hurry, you can still enter to win a dozen homemade cupcakes from the Cupcake Queen herself at 52 Cupcakes.

Okay, before I try to salvage my notes that I drooled all over this morning, here is your homework assignment. Remember SmartyPants and FribsinCharge, my bethrothed friends for whom I will stand up as the Most Kick-Ass Maid of Honor ever? Well, Smarty and Fribs are many things, but music lovers ain't one of them. Music is a major part of life for some people, and for others, well it's something to take you mind off the drill while you're in the dentist's chair. The couple has hired a DJ to be in charge of music at their wedding, but the DJ has the nerve to ask for input from them. Basically, they're on the verge of getting married to the theme song from Family Guy. I thought I would make a mix CD or great romantic songs to give them a few ideas. So I'm taking suggestions for happy romantic songs (not my-baby-left-me-and-now-I-want-to-die songs) of any tempo and any time period to put on a CD. Can you think of one? I bet you can.


Stacey said...

My three favorite love songs:

Always and Forever
One in a Million You
Your My Everything

Sheena said...

what you want is good dancin' music.

Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Solomon Burke, Ray Charles.

The Temptations, The Supremes, Gladys Knight and the Pips, The Four Tops, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles... and there's always a healthy dose of the 80s to make people happy.

I don't know about romantic, but you can get some toes tapping with those listed above. Maybe a couple slow songs as well.

claire said...

i'm stealing this from my parents, but wild horses by the rolling stones is an awesome first dance song.

also, and i know it's a joke song, but kiss at the end of the rainbow by Mitch and Mickey (from A Mighty Wind) is also good.

i mean, if you like sappy songs.

Cupcake said...

If it were up to me, I would not be adverse to having a strictly Motown or strickly Golden Age of Jazz wedding. The music is just that good.

Yar, I'm trying to come up with some of the classics without getting too cliche or invoking the name of Richard Marx (shudder). I have "A Kiss at the End of the Rainbow" as a ringtone, so maybe I can just have someone call me during the reception...

Here's a few off the top of my head:

The Book of Love (Peter Garbriel cover of the Magnetic Fields)
Every Little Thing She Does is Magic (The Police)
Something's Gotta Give (Ella Fitzgerald)
Such Great Heights (Iron and Wine cover of The Postal Service)

Cupcake said...

Oh and "If I Stand" by Jars of Clay, even though I think that one is secretly about Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Dinah Washington: "I Could Write a Book"

Check it out on ITunes. It's super adorable, but also upbeat.

AJWP said...

These suggestions are great! Our wedding song was "Love You Madly," Ella Fitzgerald, and I agree with anon's suggestion of Dinah Washington's "I Could Write a Book." Dear friends of mine had Nina Simone's "My Baby Just Cares for Me" at their wedding, and it was sweet and funny.

You're an awesome MoH, Cupcake.

Hashbrown said...

Etta James - At Last
Dido - thank you
Barry White - YOu are the first, my last and my everything
Cindi Lauper - True Colors or Time after Time
NSYNC - This i promise you (if you don't gag at the thought of them)
Sade - By your side
Cure - Friday I'm in Love and Lovesong (if they are products of the 80's)
Indigo girls - power to two
James Taylor - How sweet it is to be loved by you
Roberta Flack - 1st time ever i saw your face
stevie Wonder - you are the sunshine of my life

a girl like me said...

Beyond the Sea. :)

Cupcake Queen said...


Glad you're feeling better....if I lived nearby, I'd have brought you a cupcake!

In Your Eyes...Peter Gabriel
Possession...Sarah McLachlan
I Just Called to Say I Love You...Stevie Wonder
I Call Your Name...Mamas and Papas
Unchained Melody...Willie Nelson
Ukelele Lady...Peter Sellers...just for fun
Turn Me On...Norah Jones
Se Acaba...David Bisbal
More than the Greatest Love...Bobby Darin
The Way You Look Tonight...Fred Astaire
You Raise Me Up...Russell Watsn
Better Together...Jack Johnson

Cupcake said...

Great suggestions! Um, except for N'SYNC*. Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" was on the top of my list too. Any of these songs that I don't already have in my collection I'll download. I'll post the final set list after I burn the CD. Keep the suggestions coming.

*Full disclosure: I do enjoy the N'SYNC song "It's Gonna Be Me" but that's tied up in complicated nostalgic reasons.

kaela said...

Frank Sinatra's "Fly Me to The Moon"
great song!