Monday, April 10, 2006

First We Crunch, Then We Brunch

Another Cupcake Masterpiece. How do you like them eggs, Martha? How do you like them eggs?

Ladies' Brunch was held last Sunday chez Hipster. I went to the gym first and burned off 300 calories, which I promptly put back into my system five times over. Does this seem like a hopeless battle to anyone else? Then I ran home to shower, roast some sweet potatoes and yams, grab my Easter Eggs and huff it to the Slope. As per custom, I was the last to arrive.

TomatoRed tells us all about worshiping at the Church of St. Mattress, Holy Comforter.

We shared Spring Break stories and heard tell of one of our own hooking up with a 61-year old man. "Well, was he Harrison Ford sixties?" asked someone.

"No, he was Ghandi sixties," confirmed the offender's friend.

What a spread! Can you guess who brought the Easter Eggs, plastic grass and pink marshmellows? Call me Ellen, but I think it's time to open the Lambic.

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