Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Um, If You're Looking for the Muffin Tin, Try Back in 2007

Apartment Therapy is again hosting the Smallest, Coolest Apartment Contest. Check out the entries! If you wanted to vote for this one, um, that would be cool. Maybe if I can reassemble my crack team of Kate and Johnny and LaHipster ever makes good on her promise to help me install some shelving, I'd be ready to compete in 2007. But it seems like they kind of frown on underwear on the floor and "balls of yarn" as a design motif.

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Beta said...

oh my god. you've woken the beast. I can't get away from that site. It's so addicting!! I'm seriously trying to think of a way I can leave work early, so I can go home, and start throwing junk away, organizing, recovering pillows, etc. I blame you.
I love David and Katy's pad. Apparently so do ALL of the other people who have viewed it.