Thursday, March 23, 2006

There is nowhere to hide now that she has taken to the airwaves.

I'm not sure exactly how the DSM-IV would label my neuroticly crazed ex-roommate the Princess of Darkness, however I feel I can say with good authority that she is a certified pain in the ass. I thought after I moved out, I could shake her, but she continued her attentions. Then I thought when she moved out of Brooklyn I'd be free, but she continues to call me regularly despite the fact that I haven't answered one of her calls or called her back in several months. I've tried to refrain from writing about her here because it seems cruel, but she is, as LaHipster so elegently put it, a dingleberry.

A couple of days ago I received an email from her with the subject line, "I know you hate, hate me and avoid me like a std...". In this email, she said she was sitting in a cafe and heard the song "Rhode Island is Famous for You" and she thought of me. So she sent me the lyrics. Of course, I am familiar with this great song, which you can listen to here. This morning, I was listening to NPR when I heard a story about a series of readings the POD is involved with. I ran to my room to turn up the radio to see if I would hear her voice, but I missed the beginning. I feel now like I should acknowledge the song lyrics and tell her I heard the story on NPR. But with this person, if you give her just a centimeter of attention, she will begin taking three subway trains just to "stop by" my apartment, or, if I don't answer the door, peek in the windows.

While I puzzle over this ethical dilema, here's some news for Law and Order fans: Michael Moriarity, who played District Attorney Ben Stone several incarnations ago, has gone stark raving mad, but if you don't have the new issue of New York Magazine (turn to Letters to the Editor), you'll just have to take my word for it. Meanwhile, we will now be able to gawk at the Gawkers, just like so many monkeys sitting at typewriters...


Anonymous said...

Came across your blog on google. And, at first, it was really nice to read the postings of a fellow young writer from my hometown. But--with these postings about your old roommates--you end up looking like a snarky, bitter, miserable baby. Here's a piece of advice: focus more on grammar checking--and, God forbid, stylizing-- your own writing. Then, at least, you might have a snowball's chance in hell of getting published.

Cupcake said...

Anonymous, you've chosen to look at post that's almost year old. I'm longer over this particular subject. And I agree that blog writing lends itself to laziness regarding grammar and spell-checking, something I should be more diligent about. I'd be very interested to connect with another writer from NK, however I find it a bit bitter and snarky to post negative comments anonymously on someone's blog ... It's your call.