Thursday, March 23, 2006

I like it down there, it's quiet.

Yesterday, late in the day, I heard one of my co-workers calling for me. "Nancy," he said, yelling towards the kitchen, "Are you still here?"

"I'm here," I said. "I'm under my desk."

"What???" And so, I crawled out from under my desk, straightened myself up and found myself standing face to face with him. I can't really do justice to the look on his face, but he clearly thought one of us was ripe for institutionalization; he just wasn't sure if it was him or me. "What the hell were you doing under your desk?"

Did I have a good reason for being under my desk? Yes. Is there possibly a good enough reason to explain to your fellow employee why you where hanging out in the dark recesses of your desk, totally obscured from view at six o'clock on a Wednesday night? No.

Today I am learning that this is not the sort of event one co-worker is apt to let the other forget.


policate said...

I think about doing this all the time! I have a corner desk in the back of a cube so there is tons of room!. I think some throw pillows and a alarm clock might make it cozy!

Cupcake said...

That is a whole other issue in my office- FrauFoxtrot's endless quest to find a spot where we can install a Nap Pod. Right now, we are leaning towards the closet, since it is naturally dark in there.

Overheard today:

"And then, she just came up from under the desk. There was no trace of her, not even a foot sticking out. I was totally unprepared for that. She said she was cleaning, but who knows?"

AJWP said...

Congrats on your SAQ piece! I received my copy today and was psyched to read about your blog.

Cupcake said...

Yes, it's all true. The Cupcake Mafia is featured in the Spring Issue of the Smith Alumnae Quarterly Magazine. I expect droves of Alumnae to start showing up any minute now. Any minute.

Any minute now.

policate said...

We were going to buy a camp cot for when we work late, but then we moved to the cot-unfriendly cube we are in now!

A said...

i just read your shteeze in ye olde alum quarterly. You were interviewed by Katy McColl (JANE Magazine), and then on the next page there is an article about Laurel Toby. And then on the next page Betty Fridan bites it.
Anyway, my point dear Cupcake, is that you kick ass.

Cupcake said...

Thanks for pointing that out, Ved. It makes me feel good that I'm in such amazing company.

Unless you were trying to imply that I killed Betty Friedan. Oh God, do you think Betty read this blog, said, "So, that's what feminism has come to?" and kicked it? That would be too bad.