Monday, March 06, 2006

The Sadness is Coming.

I can feel it. Today I saw a happy couple, and instead of wanting to kick them in the teeth, I just wanted to cry. In fact, my eyes are leaking right now just waiting for some kind of catalyst for a big cry. During this period of sadness, we may be experiencing low blogging output. Amuse yourselves accordingly.

Literary Analysis with LeBrookski: Shit, for all we know Ice-T is Leonard.

Oscar Wrap-Up: PatriotDave and HotJohnny

Junkfood Review (maybe someone got around to reviewing the carmel peanut butter cup here).

And via the JANE Blog a Squirrel named Sugarbush.


MCMCMCLY said...

Buck up cuppies. Its just the end-of-winter blues. I've got it bad too, but after you kick one of those target couples you feel much better. I promise.

At least you aren't due for a colonoscopy with emergency polopectomy.

Anonymous said...

Oh no. Give me a call if you need a friend this week. I am also feeling sadness - but that's from the ridiulousness of what I do from 9 to 5 Monday through Friday.


Irina said...

We can be sad together. I am half of one of those kick us in the teeth couples (not quite as bad as your 17 yr old pharmacist) and even I have been wanting to kick couples in the teeth lately. Business trips suck. So does sunshine on days too cold for sandals. Can't we all just go sit in the park already PLEASE?!

Irina said...

Wait, sugarbush is dead and stuffed right? Otherwise, this is just wrong on too many levels.