Friday, March 03, 2006

Dairy Fairy, Take Me Away

Let's face it, in life you're either the guy who makes The List, or the guy whose job it is to procure The List. I won't even bother spelling out which one I am. I feel like going to the suppermarket, getting some KRAFT American Singles, going home and eating a grilled cheese, then going to sleep for a very long time. Also, I can't believe you guys are going to let me go to Queens by myself when the Mummy Killer is still on the loose.

New in the Sidebar: Spectactularly Normal, The JANE Mag Editors' Blog, the best blog with a Dorothy Sayers' title in its ip address.

Returned to the Sidebar: Englishman in New York.

Revised in the Sidebar: The name of Sheena's Blog is "The Blog's TK" not "The Blogs TK". You see, the blog is TK (whatever that means), we are not discussing the TK that belongs to the blog. We appologise for any grammar-related trauma this may have caused. You have to admire a woman who sticks to her guns when it comes to apostrophe usage.


MCMCMCLY said...

Can't say i didn't offer.

LaHipster said...

TK is edit-speak for "to come." Look, the K wasn't my idea.

Sheena said...

My thanks to LaHipster for clearing that up... the K wasn't my idea either.

We magazine folk use TK to hold a place in the layout. If we are missing a stat, we'll put something like "TK people were arrested after the riot," or some such. That way, we don't have to hold the manuscript... it can get on page even if it's a bit incomplete.

The idea with my blog title, is that its relevance is to come. When I started it, I wasn't sure anyone would read it or like it or whatever.

So, it's a little self-deprecation, a dash of what I do for a living (write/edit), and also a shout-out to my obsession with punctuation and grammar (hence the contraction "the blog's").

I thank thee for the correction, Cupcake. You're very kind to put up with my insanity.

Cupcake said...

Oh, you magazine people. Know that I am jealous of you and it is only with great affection I call y'all Mag Hags.

Sheena I could only imagine what would happen if we put you in a room with LaHipster, aka The Hyphenater. Dangling participles would straighten up right quick and all those lazy, useless apostrophes would hit the road.