Sunday, February 12, 2006

Yes, but can you serve them in little candy stirrups?

From the great Blog Brownie Points, I found this recipie for X-Rated Cupcakes of the lady part variety. This reminds me of an email LaHipster sent me after I announced that I will be the Maid of Honor. She wrote, "You realize at some point, you will need to make one of these" then included a myriad of links to Penis Cakes "How-To" websites. I forget the main site, but here is a general sample of what is on hand for the consumer who wants to do-it herself when it comes to embarassing the hell out of the bride. (Please also note the penis-shaped Jell-O Shot molds. Classy.) Aparently, everyone thinks they have stumbled upon the story of the year when they find an Erotic Cake Baker. My writing teacher told us at last Tuesday's class, "Please don't write about that place that makes X-Rated cakes, every publication in the city has already run a piece on them." All the news that's fit to print, and all that.

Speaking of romance, I have taken advantage to the blizzard to open my Valentine's Day gift and have already started in on the Godiva Chocolates Platinum Collection box I bought for myself. If you find the classic line of Godivas not quite indulgent enough, go ahead and upgrade to the Platinums. Because you're worth it.

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