Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Meanwhile, Back in Prospect Heights

I bought this little tray for myself when I bought LaHipster's birthday present at Loom. I keep my keys on it. It is perfect, I love it and it only cost $6.

On President's Day, MuppetLover and I had brunch at Tom's in our hood. She gave me this birthday present. "I made it when I was home in Long Island having craft night with some friends."
"Oh," I said. "Are your friends crafty?"
"Only when they're whisper stoned whisper."

Also, I have been getting a lot of mail love from Queenie lately. Last week I received an old school (read: grade school) valentine. It had a part for you to scratch off to reveal a secret message, thereby combing my favorite things: friendship and scratch tickets. And today, I received a Christmas Card from the HQ. She gets confused sometimes.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks! That made my day.